For more than 40 years, Dowland-Bach has set the standard in excellence for control systems, process modules and stainless steel fabrication. When you need innovative and durable solutions engineered for the toughest environments in the world, Dowland-Bach will deliver.

Dowland-Bach’s staff of mechanical, electrical, and control systems engineers are the best in the business. Our capabilities include control systems design engineering, testing, startup, and 3-D modeling. We manufacture wellhead control panels and NRTL listed industrial control panels. We provide programming services for PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) systems, HMI (Human Machine Interface) systems and custom embedded devices. Our stainless steel fabricators are able to customize solutions to meet the complex demands of various clients around the world. We invite you to review our Portfolio Page to see recent examples of our work.

Our History

Foundeddlb-team in 1975 to meet the need for failsafe wellhead shutdown systems at the Prudhoe Bay Oilfield in Alaska, Dowland-Bach began a journey that would lead to the production of more than 7,000 wellhead control systems. Committed to the concept of vertical integration, Dowland-Bach’s management cultivates skilled professionals who can engineer, design and manufacture industrial control equipment from the ground up. Dowland-Bach products operate automatically in remote locations, providing customers with years of trouble-free service.

At its 20,000 square-foot shop in Anchorage, Alaska, Dowland-Bach designs and manufactures products for shipment around the world. In addition to manufacturing custom control systems, Dowland-Bach is an industry leader in stainless steel fabrication. At Dowland-Bach, we invest in individuals and their long-term relationship, to benefit our clients with a high level of flexibility and an unsurpassed commitment to customer satisfaction.


Management Team


  • Lynn Johnson / Board Chair 
  • Lynn is one of the original founders of Dowland-Bach Corporation. Lynn has been with the company since May of 1975 when it started with just two employees – Lynn and his mentor/predecessor Ed Clinton. Lynn had just graduated with a business degree from California State University Stanislaus and Ed was ready to let Lynn put that degree to work. Since those early days Lynn has been involved in helping the company grow and evolve from a two person operation offering one product to a 26 person team offering multiple lines of products in two divisions.Lynn grew up in California while spending his summers in Alaska working for Alaska Helicopters. He enjoys the arctic climate and the great outdoors. Prince William Sound is his favorite playground where he likes to boat, fish and get away.


  • Reed Christensen / President / GM
  • Reed has been with Dowland-Bach since 1995.  Reed graduating from Brigham Young University with a Master’s Degree in Accounting Information Systems and Bachelor Degree in Accounting with a Minor in Business. Reed came to Alaska as a staff accountant in the audit department of Deloitte & Touche LLP. It was in this role that he first met Dowland-Bach Corporation.  Reed began his career at Dowland-Bach as the Controller responsible for all the accounting functions.  In 2014 Reed became the acting President/GM for Dowland-Bach. Reed grew up as an Air Force brat and Anchorage is the longest continuous place he has ever lived. Reed enjoys spending time with his wife and their four children, they like to ride bikes, camp, swim, play rock band and host visiting friends & relatives.



  • Michael Wise – Director of Engineering
  •  Mike manages the Dowland-Bach’s Engineering and Projects Department for over 10 years now.  Mike is certified by the State of Alaska as Registered Professional Engineer and Electrical Administrator.  Mike has experience working in power distribution, control systems and instrumentation for various industrial clients including public power, water, and wastewater utilities.  Mike graduated from the Colorado State University with Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree and Masters in Electrical Engineering from Ohio University. He is a member of NSPE (National Society of Professional Engineers) and also IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).After growing up in Homer, Alaska it should be no surprise Mike has a love for fishing. He also enjoys spending time with his family and cross-country skiing on Anchorage’s maze of ski trails.


Our Experienced Professionals


dowland-bach-website_page_027_image_0002When it comes to hydraulic/electrical wellhead control systems, the engineering staff at Dowland-Bach can handle the pressure. Our engineers like Zach Boldrick & Peter Stoll (Mechanical Engineers) and James Hensley (Electrical Engineer) bring decades of experience to the job. From designing control systems to delivering them in turnkey condition, Dowland-Bach’s engineers are the best in the field.



If you want your project to sizzle, you want welders like Shawn Kahler and Aaron Anderson on the job. Shawn and Aaron specialize in stainless steel, aluminum and other alloy products. With the craftsmanship of a surgeon, Dowland-Bach welders take pride in producing durable products that last years without maintenance and show a stainless shine, a signature of Dowland-Bach.



dowland-bach-website_page_069_image_0002Step aside Superman, the Dowland-Bach fabricators are the real men-of-steel. Whether fabricating stainless tubing or sheet metal, our team of professional fabricators knows how to curve, bend and turn stainless steel into masterpieces to meet exact specifications. Whether it’s a complex control system or a kitchen sink, the final product is as much a work-of-art as it is a functional, long-lasting and well-crafted piece of equipment.






Complex electrical systems require sophistication and that is what customers receive with Dowland-Bach’s team of electricians. Dowland-Bach’s electricians can handle the most complicated industrial projects with the ability to integrate multiple system components seamlessly.



dowland-bach-website_page_028_image_0001The hallmark of Dowland-Bach’s success is the relationship the company has with its customers. From Tammy Dieckgraeff in Sales Department to Steve Cooke in Shipping, the Dowland-Bach team knows the importance of attention to detail and following up to ensure customers are satisfied with our products and service.