Koniag, Inc.


Sugpiat,  Angliyukut       

Real People, Real Growth      





Dowland-Bach isdowland-bach-website_page_029_image_0002 a 'wholly owned" subsidiary of  Koniag,  an Alaska Native Regional Corporation formed pursuant to the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971 (ANCSA). With the headquarters office located in Kodiak, Alaska, Koniag represents the Alutiiq descendants from the Kodiak Island Archipelago and portions of the Alaska Peninsula. The Koniag family of companies spans diverse sectors that include oilfield services, transportation logistics, technology business solutions, construction, IT services, technical and industrial services. Our products range from developing composite aircraft parts to highly complex manuals for military equipment and vehicles, telecommunication management software and stainless steel fabrication. We are committed to delivering excellent service with exceptional quality that our partners and clients will value.

While pursuing a strategy of growth and diversity, Koniag is committed to enhancing Shareholder benefits through educational scholarships, development programs, dividends and investments in cultural programs that preserve our Alutiiq heritage.  For more information about Koniag, Inc. and our family of companies, visit www.koniag.com.