Terminal Boxes

Termination Boxes

dowland-bach-website_page_024_image_0002Junction boxes are often assembled in the field and in non-ideal working conditions.  The Dowland-Bach Termination Box (DBTB) is a fully assembled junction box with numbered terminal blocks, ground bar, and optional power distribution block.  The DBTB is fully compliant with UL 1773, the safety standard for termination boxes, as well as ANSI/ISA-12.12.01-2007, the safety standard for non-incendive electrical equipment for use in Class I, Division 2 hazardous locations.

For more detailed information and product configuration regarding termination boxes, please see: UL-1773-termination-boxes

In addition to the DBTB as an instrument or control junction box, we also offer the DBTB Generator Receptacle Assembly (DBTB-GRA) and an associated termination box for plug/receptacle connection of large diameter wire on the line side of service equipment.  The GRA system is rated for 600VAC and 3200A with an interrupt rating of 65kA, and may be designed and built according to your application.

For additional information and product configuration regarding GRA, please see: UL 1773 GRA